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Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become critical business tools, essential in any workplace, educational or entertainment environment.

Increasingly these technologies offer flexibility in the way that people use buildings but to get the most out of them, and to make them work effectively, efficiently and flexibly, they need to form part of the strategy, be designed in from the start and implemented alongside the construction or refurbishment of a building.

Every day EntriFlex IT Consultancy Services teams engage with clients in strategic considerations of how to manage this turbulence and how best to turn it to their tangible business advantage in this new world of work.

Clients talk to EntriFlex about their future workspace and ICT strategy because our vision for the future is grounded in a track record of excellence and innovation in project management consultancy.

Perhaps most importantly, our clients value the fact that we are an ICT services company that puts people before technology: everything we do together will ultimately be driven by the desire to help your employees work more productively, collaboratively, cost-effectively and securely.

Our service delivery model is at every point guided by our compliance with international standards and best practices. This means that at any time we have reason to work with you, you are assured of world-class service delivery.

Based on discussions with you and tapping into our wealth of experience, we are able to demonstrate our understanding of your requirements during presentation sessions specifically organised for you.

This enables you to visualise the impact of our solution recommendation on your operations.

EntriFlex Solutions provides consulting services whenever you need a piece of technical advice, recommendation or assistance in solving of your problem.
EntriFlex Solutions as a consultancy firm continually seeking to create value for customers by providing them with innovative solutions to varied business challenges.

Our consultants are recognised as industry thought leaders in the design, delivery and management of enterprise ICT solutions. We are able to reference major projects that have transformed the way clients exploit the power of information. We work with international expert houses maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality in our conduct. Our consultants enjoy vast experience in different countries around the world and aware of regional and cultural influences on business activities.

Preparing to be certified or motivated to learn and innovate? Our ICT Services Training Team can provide standard training courses in the divers areas of Information and Communication Technology at our modern training facility based at Eagles Management and Business School, Garki Area 11, Abuja.

Our courses will suit beginners: introduction to computers, windows awareness, word processing, spread sheet, database, internet access and authoring, local area networking and related. To advanced and working professionals: Application (Mobile/Web) Development/ Programming (C, Python, PHP, Java), Development Methodologies using Agile, Web Technologies (React Js, AWS, Development Workflow), Linux and Server infstrature Management, Sharepoint, Advanced Networking and more . We are also able to develop personalized courses.

We also management courses and training in the areas of; Human Resources, Customer Service, Working Ethics, language course (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic).

Working with our certified partners, our certificates are recognized and honoured by CMD (Center for Management Development, Abuja- Nigeria), an Agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria set up to accredit, regulate and monitor training activities in corporate and public institutions.

EntriFlex has a wealth of experience when it comes to managing successful projects. Our service is based on industry standard and best practice capabilities in planning, organising, managing quality and risks, as well as in monitoring and controlling the different phases throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our customers believe that our projects and project managers demonstrate the ability to deliver consistently and successfully and operate at the highest level within the industry, which is why they continue to work with us.
Sure, you are in it for the best possible data and appreciate the significance of the underlying choice design. And yes, it is essential to work with smart and pragmatic tools to play what-if games (with your client) and dig deeper.

But the proof of our pudding is most definitely in the eating. If we just tell you we excel in creating optimal choice designs by manually balancing researcher-, market- and respondent needs, would you pick up the phone? Let’s introduce you to our way of working, as this is what you will be experiencing on a daily project basis and makes you come back.

Yes, we are a team of quantitative marketing research consultants selling experiences besides facts and figures!

We carefully monitors the production of each application at all stages, making 100% sure that you and your customers get a really good product to enjoy.

When we develop custom software for our clients, we always start with the user’s experience. Selecting from a wide range of standard programming platforms, we write easy-to-use programs that combine important processes and speed-up and simplify tedious tasks. All the custom software we develop is designed to improve employee performance and productivity. And our clients are often surprised at how cost-effective it can be.

EntriFlex’s web application development practice addresses a wide range of business needs. We are experiened in the building of customized website modules, portals, CRM integrations and even complete stand-alone web-based applications.
From Android to iOS, we have always been at the forefront in delivering exactly what the customers may look for when they have a requirement of any mobile application.

With our team’s expertise in mobile application technology, our clients can turn their dream about mobile apps into reality. We focus on all essential and inseparable principles of mobile-app development which can make your mobile app look absolutely unique and very innovative.
The goal behind EntriFlex’s digital marketing services are to put your company in a position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social Web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site.